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Qualifications, professional interests, publications and testimonials

  • Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - MBACP (Accred)
  • Registered on the new BACP Register of qualified therapists.
  • MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling (Birkbeck College, University of London)
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills(Person Centred)

Other trainings have been in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neurolinguistic Programming, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness, giving me a broad overview of therapeutic approaches. Experienced in both short and longer term work.

  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (and member of BACP Private Practice section)
  • Birkbeck Counselling Association
  • Bodymind, a north London based group of professionally qualified therapists, who aim to use and develop their understanding of their practices to alleviate suffering and promote wellbeing.
Book review in May Therapy Today (Straight Jacket, Matthew Todd)

Book review in Winter 2017 Private Practice (The psychoanalytic craft: how to develop as a psychoanalytic practitioner)

Book review in Winter 2017 Private Practice ( Teaching the world to sleep: psychological and behavioural assessment and treatment strategies for people with sleeping problems and insomnia)

Letter in Summer 2017 Private Practice ( Getting out of our comfort zones).

Book review in Spring 2017 Private Practice (Reclaiming unlived life: experiences in psychoanalysis, Thomas H Ogden).

Letter in November 2016 Therapy Today (Rich harvest of evidence).

Article in October 2016 Therapy Today (Why clinical wills mattter). Read it here, pages 26-29.

Book review in Autumn 2016 Private Practice (Forced endings, Anne Power)

Book review in Summer 2016 Private Practice (Wake up and change your life: how to survive a crisis and be stronger, wiser and happier, Andrew Marshall).

Letter in Summer 2016 Private Practice (Uncomfortable reading).

Letter in May 2016 Therapy Today: Beware of the toxic organisation.

Article in Spring 2016 Private Practice (Where there’s a will, there’s a way: Roslyn Byfield asks if you have a system in place to inform clients should you be suddenly incapacitated?). You can read it here.

Book review in Spring 2016 Private Practice (Boarding School Syndrome, Joy Shaverien).

Letter in December 2015 Therapy Today (Walking the walk - need for personal therapy for therapists). Read it here.

Letter in Winter 2015 Private Practice (Evidence-based practice: is the tide turning?).

Book review in Winter 2015 Private Practice (The price of love, Colin Murray Parkes).

Letter in June 2015 Therapy Today (evidence and NICE/NHS relationship). Read it here.

Letter in Summer 2015 Private Practice journal.
This letter was first published in Private Practice, Summer 2015 issue, published by BACP.©

Letter in April 2015 Therapy Today (Accreditation and regulation). Read it here.

Emotional wellbeing: what have the arts got to do with it? Counselling Directory, March 2015.Read it here.

Article in February 2015 issue of Therapy Today.Read it here.

Radio interview - Modern Muses, Irish International Radio, 26 October 2014 - Listen to it here.

Review of Mindful counselling and psychotherapy: practising mindfully across approaches and issues (Meg Barker, Sage 2013) in Private Practice, Autumn 2014.

Five routes to wellbeing: how to enhance your mental health (leaflet)(March 2014).

Letter in February 2013 issue of Therapy Today.Read it here.

Mental wellbeing - it's everyone's business, August 2012 (Counselling Directory -

Letter in March 2012 issue of Therapy Today (BACP journal), p.39.Read it here.

Mindfulness - what's it all about? 2011 Counselling Directory profile

Timms, P, Ramsay R and Byfield, R: Using written information in clinical work with patients and carers (Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 2008, 14: pp 441-451).

Improving mental health: right information right now (CILIP Update, Vol 6 (7-8), July/August 2007.

Mental health awareness training: report of the NIACE workshop (CILIP Update, January 2008).

Keeping up-to-date

I'm committed to continuing professional development, such as networking, seminars, courses and workshops, to keep up-to-date with new thinking and developments. I'm very interested in yoga and meditation, have recently taken Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy training (MBCT)and Wellbeing At Work training (also mindfulness) and have written an article about this experience. Recognised by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), Mindfulness is now attracting increasing attention because of its proven capacity to help people deal with anxiety, stress and depression, especially when these recur.

Areas of specialism

  • links between issues loss, bereavement and depression
  • attachment patterns
  • managing change
  • unexplained physical symptoms including chronic pain and/or illness  


    'After a long period experiencing difficulties with low mood and self esteem, I contacted Roslyn after searching for counsellors in my local area. She responded very quickly and was able to offer me sessions at a convenient and regular time. I worked with her for 3 months to help me with these difficulties, which were impacting on my personal relationships and professional performance. By exploring my background and formative past events and interactions, including issues with control, feelings of isolation, rejection and belief in my abilities, Roslyn enabled me to clarify and organise my thoughts and to understand the links between emotions in different situations, which in turn has helped me to achieve deeper understanding of why I respond the way I do to these situations. This helped me to develop my sense of self and improve my understanding of the way my mind works. This has helped me feel better about myself, by allowing me to see that challenging emotions that arise from difficult situations do not need to build up and cause me to feel unhappy. I feel empowered to open up about the way I am feeling, both with Roslyn and to my family and friends, and therefore feel less isolated. This has allowed me to develop strategies to deal with my problems both independently and by exploring them with others, without feeling like I am burdening others with my difficulties. Roslyn maintained a professional, non-judgmental and supportive manner throughout sessions, and I felt able to explore a number of difficult problems in a safe environment. Now I feel more able to deal with troubling thoughts and doubts about myself, to appreciate my achievements, and to stop avoiding difficult situations and see them as positive learning experiences'. [Client G]

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